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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 26, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> we will patiently await the republican predential candidate who embraces that plan. thanks for joining me tonight, mark. >> thank you, lawrence. >> you can have the last word on line at our blog. the last you can follow my tweets. "rachel maddow show" is up next. and she interviews the winner in new york 26 kathy hochul. good evening from washington, d.c., where all anyone wanted to talk to me about in terms of politics today was north tonawanda and batavia and lockport and greece, new york. new york's 26th congressional district. it has 26,000 more registered republicans in it than democrats. and where despite the partisan odds last night the democratic candidate for congress, kathy hochul was elected over the
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republican hope fful. candidate kathy hochul is our guest tonight and the toast of democrats tonight. >> your district has historically been much more comfortable electing republican candidates breaking the pattern and picking you instead? >> i think the people in this district knew the issues were on our side. i came out very strong early on and my opposition to the ryan budget plan. and it gave me an opportunity to show that there was a clear difference between the candidates in this race. when people understood the issues and they seemed to puts a side the fact that i was a democrat, and there was a lot of crossover appeal or i would not have won this election.
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independents and democrats come my way because of the issues we raised. particularly with medicare. that was huge in this district with an elderly population. i feel really good about we had a chance to give the voters for once a very clear choice in candidates. >> the reason there has been so much focus on the national election in part i think because everybody's jonesing for an election and there was an election and yours was the big one happening in terms of a federal race. the idea that the democrats are right on the issues particularly on this health care issue and that's what made this election have what would otherwise be an unexpected result. i'm sure that you feel cautious about extrapolating from your one experience to the whole country. do you think that democrats nationally should be making clear that point that you made so clear about the different options being offered by the two different parties on the issue of medicare specifically. >> i'm not going to be able to pretend to extrapolate for the rest of the country. there are people who can do that
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and that is fine. all i can say is that my message is very different. it is different from what is going on in washington. it's not just medicare, it's very important that the fact that people do not want to decimate the program. so setting that aside, they knew that i'm also an independent democrat. someone who understands we do need to get our deficit under control. i've said that all along. the difference between myself and my opponent was really clear when it came to how we do that. i'm willing to have everything on the table -- entitlement reform, defense spending and as well as revenues. i think that the lesson to take away from this as well is that people in the district, when you spoke about the inequity in the tax code where my folks on main street and all of the small towns that you listen to and many more and i met many of them feel it is unfair that the small businesses are paying more in taxes than the people in large corporations who ship our jobs overseas.
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they don't think it's fair that people who make millions and billions in that country isn't paying their fair share when times are tough. that's the lesson. the take away from this race. it's medicare and the willingness to accept someone that says times are tough. there's a few ways to do it. control spending there is a revenue side that needs to be on the table as well. >> just to be clear, you think in terms of democrats to speak most effectively to the middle of the road voters, potential crossover voters, middle-class people that there is an effective message out there, political message out there in terms of taxes, and that's very much outside of the beltway common wisdom when you say taxes, that is an immediate turn off and immediate no-go area for voters. >> nobody wants to raise taxes. i can tell you i have a different threshold than what i'm hearing from some democrats in washington. i don't think the tax cuts should continue for people making over $500,000, and that is half a million dollars.
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that's a lot of money in this district where the average income is $43,000. people in this area say we understand we have to get our debt under control. there are two ways to do it. we cannot cut our way out of it exclusively and they don't like the priorityf of saying that the seniors should bear the brunt of it. i'm talking about future seniors as well. they don't like the age warfare. if you are under 55, you're okaoka okay. 54 you're not. no one liked that. i've got parents in their mid 70s now. they don't want to throw their own kids under the bus. i think they tried to break us apart by generation and that didn't work as well. >> the paul ryan republican budget including the medicare issue, and he said if his plan turned off voters in your district, and did contribute to your winning the election, he said it is because people don't understand what he is offering,
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and that the republican ideas about medicare have been misrepresented in order to scare voters. what is your response to that? >> i think his plan scared voters before i even was on the scene. the idea of breaking the promise that we made to our seniors over 45 years ago, doesn't sit well with people. people paid into this program since their high school job. it's not a charity program. i understand the need to get the underlying cost driving health care up under control. that does not mean you touch the beneficiaries. it means you go after the underlying cost of health care, and that is another topic and i have ideas to that and so do thoughtful people in washington, but the bottom line is that there is room for agreement here and i'm the type of democrat who represents a republican area that can come to washington and say i have a lot of support from individuals who don't vote democrat and i can't tell you how many times people said that i'm the first democrat they voted for in their life, but i bring with me the ability to work with both sides of the aisle.
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democrats have given on cutting expenses. looking at the continuing resolution this year. they understand the need to get spending under control. republicans have to meet us halfway. there's no way around it. i think what they should take some comfort in is people in this district are not afraid to say that the wealthiest in the country when times are tough should pay their fair share and pay the taxes like they were in the clinton era when last i checked things were prosperous here. >> and people are looking at your win last night in the way that you have explained the issues in the race leading up to last night and frankly the way that you are explaining them right now, a lot of people are wondering if when you get to washington, you are going to have your eyes on potentially taking some sort of national leadership role with the democratic party and if you have ambitions of altering the party's course in any way once you are here, and if you have any plans like that that you'd like to share with us. >> my ambition is to get sworn in and start serving the people in the district right away.
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there are lessons that others can take away from the race, but my priority is to get to know the people in the district. i need to work the veterans groups and other people in my district, and work for them, and that is what i am hopeful to do. >> kathy hochul democrat of new york's 26th district. congratulations again. and thank you so much for your time tonight. i really appreciate it. >> even though republicans nationally have tried to spin kathy hochul's victory last night as some sort of fluke, some sort of big misunderstanding. something to do with the assorted single digit also ran candidates. there was no down in the room when kathy hochul was making her victory speech what the key issue was in that campaign. at one point during her speech she was interrupted by the crowd chanting the word medicare over and over and over again. medicare, medicare.
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despite the republican spin to the contrary. that basically was the take away of everybody who was paying attention to this race. medicare, medicare. medicare. frankly a lot of people were paying attention to this race. fox news channel spent today mostly avoiding this story. i guess to avoid upsetting their viewers. but in print even just here in washington. these were the kind of headlines republicans woke up to because of hochul's election. republicans left to pick up the pieces. ryan medicare played role in gop's defeat in new york special election. senate democrats make crib from hochul's playbook. politico, gop defiant and defensive after loss. ryan blames new york 26 on dems scare tactics. that was the assessment of this race by the beltway press today. republicans beware, the paul ryan medicare thing lost this one for you. if that sounds like the democrat party's equivalent of finding $20 in your jeans when you went
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to put them in laundry, then the people in charge of recruiting candidates and running all of the campaigns, they are letting the country know right now that they are willing to go through all of the other pockets in all of the other jeans that they have to see if there are anymore easy payouts ahead for the democrats. >> last night's results provide clear evidence that when voters learn about the republican plan to end medicare as we know it, they say no. >> that is the denining issue -- defining issue. we're going to continue to fight for medicare no matter how high the hill. no matter how great the odds, and that is what we did in new york 26. >> congressman steve israel of the democrat house campaign committee and senator patty murray of the democratic senate campaign committee. they're in charge of getting other democrats elected in the next elections.
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the new york 26 race was barely called before patty murray and steve israel were basically printing the bumper stickers. proclaiming how democrats will win campaigns all across the country by defending head care. and then less than 24 hours after republican jane corwin was defeated in new york 26 last night defeated largely as a result of her support for the paul ryan kill medicare budget, democrats in the senate today put the paul ryan kill medicare budget up for a vote in that house, too. democrats in the senate made every single republican go on the record as being for or against the same kill medicare plan that led to the stunning upset in new york 26. in the end 40 brave republicans cast their votes today in favor of killing medicare. 40 republicans. only five republicans decided not to vote to kill medicare. scott brown of massachusetts. susan collins and olympia snowe of maine and lisa murkowski from alaska and rand paul.
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that's it. five voted no. 40 voted yes. the paul ryan medicare plan was soundly defeated in the senate today. but those 40 mean that now 40 more republicans are on the record as voting to kill medicare. the republicans have handed democrats something really politically potent to work with here. this is proving to be almost too good to be true for democrats. too good to be true. are democrats going to screw this one up? i spoke with the senate majority leader harry reid before today's vote on the ryan budget. what he had to say about the democrat's overall strategy on the killing medicare thing from the republicans may surprise you. and the head of the democrats' house campaign committee steve israel will be joining us live for his take on this. he is the guy more than anybody else to put this into effect in congressional races all over the country. kathy hochul's win was a big win for steve israel. it was a big win for the democratic party. will there be more of these big wins? that's next. we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks
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if you want to get a sense of how urgently democrats are moving to box republicans in to get them on record voting to kill medicare. voting for the paul ryan budget so the whole country turns against their local republican killing candidate the way new york 26 turned against theirs last night, there was an awkward thing that happened at the start of my interview with harry reid today in washington. something that i didn't really understand at the time, but now i do. watch. why have you scheduled a vote on that budget on the paul ryan budget for the senate for tomorrow? i understand -- >> we're going to do it within the next 24 hours. >> i say tomorrow, he says within the next 24 hours. when i got to the capitol my interview today with senator reid, the plan for the senate democrats is sometime tomorrow, sometime thursday the senate would vote on the paul ryan medicare kill thing tomorrow. i got that word confirmed right
12:16 am
when i arrived at the capitol. then in realtime between walking in the door and sitting in the chair the vote got moved up. it would not be tomorrow, it would be tonight. no time to waste. get those republicans on the republican. and they did. the leader of the senate democrats harry reid explains the democrats' strategy on this. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] in a typical classroom, the "a students" and the troublemakers get all the attention. so how do you reach the kids in the middle? this is exactly the kind of challenge we help future teachers solve. ♪ my name is beatrice hair. i teach hundreds of kids one-on-one, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] university of phoenix is proud to sponsor education nation.
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because we believe an educated world is a better world. are up for re-election in this upcoming cycle. up for re-election next year who voted today for the paul ryan republican budget in the u.s. senate. no democrats voted for it. only republicans. and these republican senators are all up for re-election this
12:18 am
cycle, and they all went on record today with a vote to kill medicare. from wisconsin, orin hatch of utah. dean heller of nevada. the new guy, feeling cocky. richard luger of indiana and roger wicker of mississippi. today just a few hours ahead of that vote, i sat down with majority leader harry reid at the capitol to discuss the democrats' strategy on this. and whether he put the paul ryan kill medicare plan up for a vote today in part to try to win more upset races like the new york 26, and races where the republicans might otherwise be favored, but voting to kill medicare turns an electorate against you. senator reid, thank you very much for this time. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> let me start by asking for your reaction of the new york 26 vote last night? >> well, we have talked about this for weeks that what the republican budget did is to destroy medicare as we know it, but now the people of new york have spoken, independents, democrats and republicans agree
12:19 am
that what was happening with that terrible plan that came from the house was destroying medicare, as we know it, and people of new york spoke and spoke loud ly. this is a district that jack kemp represented. this is a district that has for 40 years or more been republican. so the republicans should wake up and understand their budget is not good for the american people and we're not going to stand for it. they're not going to stand for it. >> why have you scheduled a vote on that budget on the paul ryan budget for the senate for tomorrow? >> we're going to do it within the next 24 hours. >> okay. >> the reason i did that is when they had their horrible hr-1 they kept criticizing me, why won't reid let us vote on it. why won't reid let us vote on that? so, we finally had a vote on that. there won't be any finally this time. we hahave decided to vote on it.
12:20 am
we have people scrambling. we had one senator saying thank god for the ryan budget and then he played around for it for a while on again, off again. now he's against it. we have newt gingrich said it was social engineering at its worst. so republicans speak out against it as you know newt gingrich had to walk himself back and social it's social engineering by the right wing is one of the greatest plans to hit america. >> in terms of that forgive the term flip-flopping by newt gingrich, the multipositions on it by senator scott brown that you alluded to and the voting of new york 26, that all points in the same direction towards the political potency of voters seeing that difference between two parties being that one will protect medicare and one that is going after it.
12:21 am
at the same time on the house side stephane diony hoyer is saying that medicare must be on the table for discussions about deficit cutting. do democrats have a clear message? >> steny would reflect back a few months ago, we saved half a trillion dollars in our health care plan. we increased benefits, making things better. getting rid of fraud and abuse and we extended the life of medicare. so of course this is a huge plan and there's money to be saved. and we proved it can be done and take care of medicare patients. >> in terms of the political messaging there, that move that you just described with medicare and health reform was the source of a million republican attack ads in the 2010 elections. they described that as dismantling medicare. can the democratic party say -- assert there you have a clear medicare message that can't be distorted by your opponents and that does draw a quick distinction between you and the republicans? >> we did it. we proved in our health care bill that medicare had a lot of fraud, waste and abuse. and we whacked into it.
12:22 am
did we get rid of all of it? of course not. there are still people trying to take advantage of the system, and trying to take advantage of old people, and there is more that we can do, but in the process we need to strengthen medicare and not change it as we know it. >> republicans are trying to kill medicare. republicans are trying to get rid of it. they're trying to force old people to buy private insurance instead. americans like medicare. older americans like medicare. younger americans like medicare. older americans like the idea of younger americans having medicare, too, when they get old. asked if democrats in the house had an alternate plan for medicare as a response to the paul ryan plan, nancy pelosi leader of the house democrats responded by saying, yes. she said, we, house democrats, have is a plan in response to paul ryan. we have a plan, she said, it's called medicare. as you just heard from harry reid the democrat's leader in the senate, the message from him is more nuanced.
12:23 am
even on the day that he forced republican senators on the record to vote for or against the paul ryan plan, if you are promedicare and worried if republicans are going to give up the we love medicare, i want you to consider one other thing. consider this exchange caught on tape by abc news today backstage at a washington, d.c. event. the two players here are paul ryan, himself, and democratic former president bill clinton. watch this. >> hey, paul ryan. >> how are you? >> great. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> i'm glad we won this race in new york, but i hope that the democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. >> my guess is it's going to sink into paralysis is what's going to happen. you know the math. it's just, we knew we were putting ourselves out there. you've got to get out there and get this thing moving. >> if you want to talk about it.
12:24 am
>> i'll give you a call. yeah, i want to talk about it. let's get in cahoots. mr. ryan explaining that he and maybe bill clinton in his words just need to get this thing moving. paul ryan's reaction to the unpopularity of his kill medicare plan generally has been that he hasn't explained his plan well enough. that americans have yet the grasp of the brilliance of his scheme. this morning after new york 26, he released a new video the try to explain his kill medicare plan better. it has lots of charts and graphics, which i love, and in this video he tells us everything that we know. he tells us how his plan would tell medicare into a voucher program. he tells us how it would give senior citizens coupons and they would have to use coupons to buy their own health insurance on the open market. because now medicare is gone. so they don't have any choice. they're buying private insurance. congressman ryan is explaining how his program is to kill medicare. which means if you're under 55
12:25 am
when you retire, you get to fend for yourself on the open insurance market as an oldster. good luck. don't forget your coupon. this should not have been paul ryan's day in politics. the day after republican's defeat in new york's 26th congressional district on the vote that hinged on the wildly unpopular ryan plan to replace the medicare plan with value saver coupons, that day should have been about how much americans like medicare. day one of getting democrats all on the same page that keeping the program and defending it from its enemies is a priodemocc priority from which they will not be shaken. today should have been the day that mr. ryan's plan to eliminate medicare would have been signed, sealed and delivered as a joke.
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nowadays, a year and a half is pretty much an entire life cycle for cell phones. also for bedbugs. also for most political issues. so while democrats are celebrating last night's big upset victory in a new york congressional district that heavily favored the republicans, there is one man who has the difficult job of turning that house democratic celebration last night into many house celebrations about a year and a half from now which is a long time from now. he is democratic congressman
12:30 am
steve israel head of the house campaign committee for the democratic party. he is the guy who has the task of making kathy hochul's winning campaign the template for the 2012 election cycle. the congressman telling huffington post last night that republicans voting for the paul ryan plan to kill medicare could make them all vulnerable. a lot of them. even ones you might not expect, even paul ryan himself. quote, we have an excellent democratic candidate who got into the race against paul ryan largely because he couldn't tolerate paul ryan's leadership on a plan to terminate medicare. the head of the democratic party's campaign for house races next year says thanks to ryan and the votes for it, the democratic party has a clear three-part strategy for taking back the house in elections a year and a half from now and maybe even taking paul ryan's seat itself. that three-part plan. three parts, part one, medicare,
12:31 am
part two, medicare. part three, medicare. also did i mention, medicare. >> have you got your other members to run on this next year? >> there's no question that democrats are democrats because of our defense because we -- our message is that we will support medicare and that we don't believe that of medicare. you cut medicare in order to fund tax cuts for big oil companies. >> can you win back the house on this issue? >> yes, we can win back the house on this issue. there are 97 congressional districts in the country right now with a republican member of congress, but the districts are more moderate and have a higher democratic performance than new york 26. there are a number of republicans who lost sleep last night because we are going to hold republicans accountable for that plan in every congressional district every day from that day until november 2012 elections.
12:32 am
>> joining us now is congressman steve israel of new york. he is chair of the democratic party's campaign committee for the house. thanks very much for your time tonight. >> it's great to be with you. if you are right that after this election in new york 26, 97 republican house members lost sleep because of their vote to kill medicare, then how come 40 republican senators cast that same vote today? is the republican math on this different than yours? >> the republican math is always fuzzy. the fact of the matter is this, we serve notice on republicans in the house of representatives that where they -- any district in america no matter how high the hill, no matter how steep the climb. no matter how great the odds. if they are going to advocate the termination of medicare in order to fund tax cuts for big oil companies we're going to take the fight to those districts. we did it in new york 26 and we won. we will do it throughout the country. we will win. i will tell you in these house races 97 republicans who represent more moderate districts than new york 26 absolutely lost sleep last night and we're going to make sure that they continue to lose sleep
12:33 am
every night until november 20 st. -- 20 st. >> look ahead for that what teens in the number of districts you'll be targeting. the number of districts you'll considerer to be competitive. places you weren't competitive before. if you're running a strategy like that climbing those steep hills. does that create a sort of fundraising and organizational challenge that you thought you would be facing before this paul ryan vote? >> it's a good problem to have. we only needed 25 seats to take back the house. now we need 24. it's amazing what can happen overnight. the reason it went from 25 to 24 are those three reasons -- medicare, medicare, medicare. frankly this is an organizing principle if democrats throughout the country. we will educate the republicans constructively and talk about
12:34 am
improving medicare, reforming medicare, strengthening medicare. we will not negotiate the end to medicare. this is going to be the defining issue in the upcoming selections in the house of representatives. and we're going to hold these republicans accountable for their vote to terminate medicare. >> you have been -- you have not only been on message, you have helped define the democratic message on this. when i asked him about medicare today, senator reid volunteered had democrats had found lots to cut from medicare in health reform. your colleague hoyer said medicare is on the table. former president clinton telling paul ryan to call him saying democrats should feel free to go after medicare themselves. he hopes they won't be constrained in doing that. how is the message coming along among democrats? >> when it comes to terminating medicare there's no daylight between any democrat the medicare will not be negotiated. the problem with republicans is that they began their negotiations to talk about the end of medicare. we will not talk about the the end of medicare.
12:35 am
why aren't we authorizing the secretary of health and human services to negotiate volume discounts just like the secretary of veteran affairs does? that's are common sense steps to take down costs. the republicans won't do that because they like the protect the pharmaceutical industry just like they like to protect the big oil industry. they want to terminate medicare to fund tax breaks for big oil. there are concepts that we can discuss, and again, forgive me for being repetitive, but i am message disciplined. we are democrats because we provide and defend medicare. they're republicans because they want to terminate medicare. >> in terms of their negotiating position if medicare is going to be discussed. if they're opening gambit is kill it, privatize it, and end it, no more medicare, does that move the locus of discussion to the right so that we end up talking about beneficiary cuts, and changing medicare in a way that is materially detrimental to people who are on it and hoping to be on it soon?
12:36 am
>> it's a matter of different priority. how about this? how about we reduce the deficit by not giving huge tax subsidies and tax breaks to big oil companies. how about we ask the pharmaceutical companies letting thek is tear -- letting the secretary of the health and human services negotiate volume discounts? the republicans may want to move the needle far to the right. we want to move the needle further to common sense. >> steve israel of new york, you are better at talking about this issue as a democrat than a lot of other democratic leaders in the party. and current and former. nice to see you, sir. still to come, best new thing many the world today, it is a doozy. something i discovered in washington that i had never heard of let alone seen before i stumbled upon it inside the u.s. capitol building. i bet you would not believe me that i just told you it existed, so i took a bunch of really lousy cell phone pictures of it to prove my point, otherwise you would not believe me that it exists. it is inside of the u.s. capitol
12:37 am
and it involves a giant baby with a thing that babies are not supposed to have. okay. best new thing in the world today coming up right at the end of the show. [ man ] i've seen beautiful things. ♪ i've seen the sunrise paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪ but the most beautiful thing i've ever seen was the image on a screen that helped our doctor see my wife's cancer was treatable. [ male announcer ] ge technologies help doctors detect cancer early so they can save more lives. bringing better health to more people. ♪ ♪
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two nights ago "the new york times" reported that democrats were wooing a new potential challenger to newbie and flailing occasionally junior senator scott brown of massachusetts. democrats have reportedly asked elizabeth warren and the consumer advocacy adviser in the obama administration to run against brown in massachusetts. she's an oklahoma native. but she's lived in massachusetts for decades. one of the democrats specifically reported to have made overtures to elizabeth warren is the senate majority leader. today i asked him about it. senator, it's been reported this week that you have been in touch with elizabeth warren about her potentially running against scott brown in massachusetts. would you like to see her run? >> i've had a number of
12:41 am
conversations with elizabeth warren. i'm the one who sent her name down. that's why she got the job that she got. i've come to know this woman very, very well. i'm extremely impressed with her. she presents herself very well. she doesn't back down from anyone. she was very assertive. the conversation i had with elizabeth warren are private. i think they should stay that way. i think that she has great potential to anything she wants to do. >> senate republicans have said they will not only block her if the president wants her to appoint her to be a head of the consumer financial protection agency. they will block anyone. they do not want anybody to be appointed to head that agency. do you expect, do you hope that she would get a recess appointment to head up that agency? >> what i hope is that the american people realize what is republicans are trying to do be wall street reform was to make
12:42 am
sure that they can't do to us again what they did to us before. what wall street did to us before was awful. it ruined the economy in the state of nevada. it got hit harder than anyone else. and every place else. what this is about is making sure that wall street doesn't once again control america. we set some controls there. they can't do that now. elizabeth warren is part of that program and she would be able to do whatever she wants to do. >> very very good. high prize of words from the senate majority leader he is not commenting specifically on how or whether he is trying to recruit her to run for senate against scott brown in massachusetts. it is a reminder of how much democrats including powerful democrats how much they like elizabeth warren. and how much it will likely therefore cost republicans if they continue to berate her at congressional hearings and call her names as congressman patrick mchenry did yesterday. and if they continue to pledge to filibuster any position to which she is named.
12:43 am
speaking of filibuster, elizabeth warren is not the only qualified nominee. republicans are making a big show of rejecting right now. there's president obama's pick for the ninth circuit u.s. court of appeals. goodwin li goodwin lew, a rhodes scholar, decided being rated unanimously well qualified by the american bar association and despite republican senators prominently complaining that judicial nominees should never be filibustered. republicans did filibuster his nomination to the bench last week. >> there was a qualitative change on nominations this year when republicans decided to filibuster the nomination of goodwin lui. a promising judicial candidate in part because he's thought of as being smart and quite long. he could have a long judicial
12:44 am
career ahead of him. a lot of republican senators said that judicial nomination should never be filibustered. does that indicate a worsening. >> i quoted a number of them before professor lui's vote. we had some important votes this year. most significant vote was not goodwin lui, although it was important, but the most significant vote was a man from rhode island by the name of mcconnell, and an outstanding trial lawyer. he had in his mind of the republicans one problem, he was a trial lawyer and a very, very good one, and we fought that very, very hard. i have to say that the republicans stepped up and said, this is carrying things a little too far, so we were able to get this good man, and now a position on the federal bench where he now sits. goodwin liu, they rationalize this by looking at some of the things he had said in the previous testimony, and regarding the statements of alito and very professorial, and
12:45 am
sometimes professors say things that are interesting. i think that he will be back. i think that he has the potential to be an outstanding juri jurist, and we had a setback here, but it does not mean thsy because we have had successes this year. i think that we've had some real success this year as relates to nominations. >> just this afternoon senate majority leader saying that he thought lui would be back. just hours later we learned that he has now written to president obama asking to have his name withdrawn from the ninth circuit nomination because of the filibuster against him. now that that barrier's been broken. now that republicans have started using their minority power to block nominees that
12:46 am
they summarily pledged they would never block, does anybody think it's going to improve any time soon? any time before the next election? senator reid sounds confident about it. we have had some real success this year as it relates to nominations. now that they have done this something they said they'd never do, do we any that anymore president obama nominated judges are going to get through? any nominees at all? or elizabeth warren? will anybody get through? with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ i like it, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ i like it [ male announcer ] introducing mio -- a revolutionary liquid water enhancer. add a little. add a lot. ♪ for a drink that's just the way you like it. ♪ i like it, uh-huh, uh-huh
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back in march only a few months after she lost her u.s. senate race against harry reid in nevada, sharron angle said this -- >> today, i'm announcing that i'm running for the united states congress. the effort to bring the people's voice back into government did not end in 2010. >> it did not end in 2010, and that effort actually ended today. mrs. angle saying she will sit out of the special election for now. sadly for people like me who make tv for a living, that means no more of this -- those awesome canisters that guest starred in angle's pseudo campaign announcement. i do really want those kitchen canisters. i miss seeing them. thankfully, i get to see them
12:49 am
now. joining us now exclusively live from our new york studio are those canisters formerly of sharron angle's would-be second senate campaign, and now sadly unemployed. i am happy to announce that now that they are free of sharon angle's potential house campaign, these canisters will be coming on board as the official folksy prop for money and name recognition here at msnbc. the unemployed kitchen canisters we're really looking forward to working with you this year. thank you so much for coming on board. nothing? all right. we'll talk to you later. we'll be back with more on the canister's former boss sharon angle and more of my interview with harry reid. plus the best new thing in the world coming up at the end of the show. please do stay with us. i'm gonna use less honey. i'm gonna text less. well, i'm gonna use less bath tissue with charmin!!! [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft you can feel good while using less. charmin ultra soft's ultra-cushiony design
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is soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ahh, using less never felt so good. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go.
12:51 am
the new york 26 special election brought about by the resignation of christopher lee thanks to this picture he sent to a lady friend on craig's list. that race concluded with an upset for the republicans. another special election happening in the great state of nevada got a little less special today when sharon angle announced today that she is not running in the special election for john ensign's seat. she does not allow the system where anyone can get on the ballot or a special election primary are the candidates are chosen for the ballot. so because it is not run the way
12:52 am
she wants it to run, she will not be running which means no harrowing parking lot chase, and no threats of second amendment remedies if she does not win and some threats about rape victims turning lemons into lemonade, and so not in this election as amazing sharron angle emerges from the field. and the need for a battle in nevada is for the john ensign's seat. it is to replace dean heller, because he filled in for mr. ensign who quit one day before he was to testify one day under oath to the senate ethics committee who has been going with another staffer who he had helped to get a lobbying job and then helpeded the couple get $96,000 after firing them both, and until a few weeks ago, harry reid, the senate majority
12:53 am
leader, was serving his state of nevada alongside john ensign as junior senator, and now john ensign is no longer serving with him, but his name has been pass odd on the the ethics committee saying he had given false statements and obstructed the investigation. today i asked house majority leader senator reid about this. >> senator reid, i have to ask you one last question about nevada, and it is what you see as the impact of the john ensign scandal. the impact was serious, and frankly riveting and lurid, and i know that he is no longer in the senate, and the matter is still continuing to be spinning out potentially with the fec and
12:54 am
the department of justice and unanswered questions of senator coebu coburn and that role in that scandal? >> well, one thing my staff said is to be careful with the ensign situation, because you have been in touch with people dealing with the ethics situation and the justice department, so be careful what you say, so i am better off not saying anything. john ensign is no longer in the senate. we have an extremely interesting race in nevada going on the replace him in the fall. and the ensign situation is not helping republicans in nevada. >> understated, but definitely true, the ensign situation has not helped the republicans in nevada. and now the new republican just appointed to fill john ensign's seat in the senate is up for re-election in 2012, and today, he voted to kill medicare, so game on. new newtons fruit thins. real blueberries and blueberry brown sugar...
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12:58 am
today not new, but i did not know before today that it existed. when you are a civics dork one of the greatest things of coming to d.c. when you are working it is impossible not to be a tourist. so producer julia netter and i were coming down on the train and trying to get work done, but oh, my god, there is a member of congress over there, and for a civics dork, it is so exciting for a school rock sort of way that i could not get any work done. and then going into the capitol building, i is like doing civics dork secular mecca, and then when they put us into lyndon johnson's old office to start the interview, i tried to seem blase and it was impossible especially when i saw that there was something strange going on in the ceiling of the office, and then i started to take pictures of the ceiling straight off of the tour bus, but it turns off they started to paint the ceilings at the time they thought it would hold the senate
12:59 am
library. they had to paint four subjects to honor geography, history and print, and they got them done except for in 1960, they decided that it would not hold them all, and that this room would hold the post office. so they kept history and the scholarly ancient looking figure and old dude looking like father time, and they kept the scholarly ancient looking lady figure, and the compass and the globe, and the map, but they dropped philosophy in favor of physics which has another ancient figurely looking woman who is near a samship with exhaust. and even better when they found out it was going to be a post office instead of a blibrary thy should keep history and geography and switch out philosophy for trains and swap


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